Other services that we can propose

Small repairs and maintenance works on your home : 

  • Small painting jobs.
  • Small repairs in and around the house (install lights, changing taps, socket change etc).
  • Help with installation of furniture and other appliances you have purchased.

A free quote will be made and delivered to you.

Assistance in case of computer problems (Windows) such as :

  • Software and the installation of new software.
  • Getting started with your new computer.
  • Your computer does not connect or has lost its connection to the internet.
  • Change the computer language.
  • Mail synchronisation.
  • Any other problem that leeds to the malfonction of your computer..
  • Remote troubleshooting if possible.
  • If we can not solve the problem, you do not have to pay.

Building a website  (Windows) :

  • You deliver the content (texts, photos etc.).
  • We can provide a domain registration with mail adress.
  • Together we determine the layout.
  • After agreement the website is built (duration can vary according to the wishes of the customer).
  • Assistance and modification of the site.
  • The site will be propulsed by WordPress.

The price of a website can vary and depends on its complexity (multilingual or not, number of menus and sub menus, etc). A basic website can already be offered from 400 € ( domain registration not included). Prices for technical support and adjustments are determined in consultation with the customer ( the first 3 months are included in the purchase price).



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